Are the leaders in your organization equipped with the capabilities required to thrive in the complex and ever evolving landscapes we find ourselves in? Developing new mindsets and skillsets is imperative for realizing the contemporary organizational vision. We’re called to be awake, aware and to adapt.

We lead multi-month programs and stand-alone workshops.



Effective leadership programs follow an arc of content, practice and experiences that are designed to develop key behaviors and skills over time. A multi-month program provides time for experimentation and reflection and the opportunity to learn in a social setting.  Because, we believe that transformation happens in community.



Workshops focus on key leadership topics and span from hours to several days. The workshop learning is made stickier when leaders commit to practicing new behaviors for at least 30 days post event.

Workshops can be designed for any group of people and can be sequenced for learning that ladders up to more comprehensive capability building.

As we began our journey to reimagine Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas, I knew I wanted to invest in my staff in a new and innovative way that would prepare our organization for a transformed future. Having worked with LeeAnn previously, I knew she was the perfect person to work with us to curate a specialized leadership program for our team. Sure enough, LeeAnn designed and created the Reimagine Girl Scouts Leadership Academy, a nine-month cohort focused on developing our staff in key areas. LeeAnn listened to our needs, created curriculum and hired facilitators and presenters designed to meet our exact needs and was fully engaged every step of the way. I could not have asked for a better partner or someone to care more about this important and significant investment in our team. LeeAnn not only led the program, she also deliberately leaned into the work, got to know our staff and felt like a true member of our team. I am so grateful to call LeeAnn my partner and friend in this work. Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas is a better place because of our work with LeeAnn Mallory.
Jennifer Bartkowski

Chief Executive Officer, Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas

LeeAnn has supported Principal Impact Collaborative at UNTD (PIC) principals and leaders through her dynamic and thoughtful workshops and executive coaching for almost five years. She supports leaders to think about all aspects of wellbeing, connecting to personal values, or finding the right rhythm and flow to their day. She cares deeply about supporting people to be their very best selves in all aspects of their life.

LeeAnn doesn’t just teach or impart wisdom “on” others, but rather she is always learning while in dialogue with them. She is a true example of being a lifelong learner – one who allows and welcomes the experiences of others to shape her as a human and coach.

Amanda Dudley, Ed.L.D.

Executive Director, Principal Impact Collaborative at UNT-D

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