A Podcast About Exemplary Leadership

Christian Chernock:  Designing a Life|Building for the Future

I knew that Christian’s story would be interesting because while he was building his residential development business he also finished a Masters degree in Transpersonal Psychology at Naropa University in Boulder, CO.   This all came on the heels of an existential exit as a professional golfer as a result of a career-ending back injury.

Season 1   |   Episode 4   |    59:18 min   |   August 21, 2019

Chad West:  Activating a Historical and Diverse Community and Staying Accessible

Dallas City Councilman Chad West shares his vision, the importance of accessibility, community engagement and creating a sense of place.

Season 1   |   Episode 3   |    28:35min   |   August 1, 2019

Meaningful Work at Good Space: David Spence

David shares his thoughts on meaningful work, spotting talent and the complex topic of gentrification. He riffs on developing real estate by reinvigorating beautiful old buildings and how a community developed an independent spirit.

Season 1   |   Episode 2   |    34:47min   |   July 19, 2019

Jennifer Touchet’s Visionary Leadership & Creating A Win-Win-Win

Season 1 of Rise Leaders Radio is focused on a unique type of entrepreneurial leadership that happens in Oak Cliff (Dallas, TX) at the community, business and civic levels. Jennifer Touchet kicks off the storytelling by sharing how Twelve Hills Nature Center was envisioned, fought for and created by the community. It’s a story of win-win-win with a variety of stakeholders, shared vision, positive politics and power.

Season 1   |   Episode 1   |    48min   |   July 5, 2019

Launching Rise Leaders Radio – Starting Close In

Rise Leaders Radio is a podcast about Exemplary Leadership. Season 1 highlights leaders in Oak Cliff, a community just south of Downtown Dallas, TX. The land itself has fostered a sense of independence and built resilience and resourcefulness in its citizens; the business and community leaders amplify this. I interviewed several people that tell different stories of leading in Oak Cliff. 

Season 1   |   Episode 0   |    3:26min   |   July 5, 2019

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LeeAnn Mallory

I’m a leadership coach and organizational consultant.  I work with leaders who are navigating the complexity of the times and who are committed to building financially successful businesses that stretch beyond the traditional profit metric.  They and their organizations leave a clear net positive impact in their broad ecosystem.  

I’m hyper-aware of signs of leadership that seems committed to this positive impact.  I created this podcast in order to share with you what I’m finding.

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