Transformation Happens in Community.

We don’t reach our potential alone.  Without conversation, without rubbing up against each others’ nervous systems.  Without vulnerability, self-awareness, being mirrored by others and without engaging to support their development as well.

I knew this episode would be special and it was, because I was engaging with deep thinking, big hearted people who care a lot about creating structures and ecosystems where others feel safe enough to take risks and shuck off old, familiar ways of being in the service of leaving a big legacy.

Rick Voirin, Chairman and Human Performance Partner at Stagen and Raft Viton of Slalom Consulting are my training partners in this episode. 

Here are a few highlights.  This was a juicy conversation that I hope you enjoy!

  • Development that sticks typically:
  • Spans a period of time
  • Keeps a cohort of leaders engaged and together over this period
  • Is practice-based
  • Requires commitment and accountability 
  • Reference to the Greek proverb: “A society grows great when old men plan trees in whose shade they shall never sit” and what this means practically.
  • Training vs Development: Training is more about what’s needed right now and filling skills gaps ; development is expanding that skills cup for the future and usually focusing it on the collective.
  • The power of doing  integral leader development inside a system is that it expands the impact  to all stakeholders:  employees, clients, client’s clients in ways that we can’t even imagine
  • Integral leadership development is growing human potential in multiple dimensions: career, relationships, spirituality, emotional,  physical all those intelligences together. It’s a community-based way of being that puts us in a situation that invites us into believing that progress is possible for us.
  • The primary commitment is to helping others reach the promise of their potential

Adaptability is a key (the key? ) attribute for all of us to thrive. Adaptability Intelligence.

  • It takes courage to change – to let go of what we know.  
  • Change is easier when… we know where to focus our attention,  when we have practices to follow,  when we have a supportive  environment, when we have a clear path and we’re with a community of people.  (Thank you for the reframe, Raff!)
  • People will be attracted to those who are committed to figuring it (challenges) out, to evolving.
  • When engaging with development, what you think is going to happen is not going to happen.  We put structures in place in hopes of channeling energy and people will apply the learning in unique ways and have unique (and beautiful!) experiences.  Or not

This episode is full of passion – we each care deeply about the work we do with leaders and with organizations.  We see the power of social learning and grappling together with the challenges of our times.  We believe that we can follow a path of intentional practice to expand our individual and collective ability to adapt,  reach our potential and create environments that work for everyone.

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