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At the most basic level, executive coaching is one-to-one development, customized to build new capabilities for that leader.

While targeted to particular outcomes, high impact coaching transcends the coaching engagement, generates new possibilities and can inspire excellent performance for an entire team.

Rise Leaders designs and executes coaching programs to address pain points in the dynamic life of a leader. Those completing our coaching programs:


  • leverage their strengths and use them as a foundational source of confidence
  • become aware of limiting behaviors and beliefs and learn how to shift them
  • cultivate a strong and compelling executive presence
  • build high-functioning, high-achieving teams
  • develop trusting, collaborative relationships


Regular meetings in person or via audio/video calls


Engage in regular practices leading to new capabilities


See yourself in action. Reflect on your results, intentions, beliefs, and behaviors.


Develop a leadership presence consistent with your desired outcomes.


Make sustainable changes. Identify competing commitments.


Obtain valuable feedback using a best in class 360-instrument.

It is hard for me express the profound effect LeeAnn Mallory had in my life. She was my executive coach for twelve months and I regard that year as when everything changed.

Speaking numbers, my organization has doubled its revenue with commensurate profits. Speaking from the heart, I am a better person and as the head of my team we have all benefitted. Simply put, LeeAnn was essential to creating our organization’s purpose. Anyone knowledgeable and interested in the triple bottom line needs a LeeAnn in their corner to accomplish this.

I am in a much better place by every meaningful measurement of success. I am happy to share that accomplishment with LeeAnn and I am happy to share my experience with anyone who wishes to hear more.

Erik Harrington DDS, PhD

President/CEO, Oral Health Industries LLC

I have been working with LeeAnn for more than a year and she has been truly instrumental in my personal development as an executive leader.  She has helped me move through a host of issues, including difficult interpersonal communications at all levels and important decisions on the paths forward I wanted to take.  LeeAnn has an uncanny ability to ask all the right questions – leading me to find for myself the right steps forward to address my challenges.  And, perhaps most importantly, LeeAnn has given me a tool set that I can use on my own when new challenges arise.
Elena, PhD

Chief Science Officer

Assess Your Executive
Coaching Readiness



I am generally aware of the outcomes I want


I am highly motivated to achieve the outcomes I want


I am ready to commit at least two hours per month to meet with my coach


Open to receive feedback on the effectiveness of my actions and behaviors


I will experiment with new practices on a daily/weekly basis


I understand the effectiveness depends on my commitment to the scheduled calls and willingness to adopt new approaches, complete assignments and engage in practices between calls


Do all of these apply?


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