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The Art of a Strong Finish

Setting and Achieving Goals. Discipline. The sense of accomplishment. This is what 26.2 conjures for me. The person sporting this sticker demonstrated the grit and determination required to finish a marathon. They trained for months when it was...

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You Can’t Lead People You Don’t Love

Profile of an Exemplary Leader: President Michael Sorrell of Paul Quinn College A core intention of my business, Rise Leaders, is to promote individuals who are making a positive impact in the businesses and communities where they lead. They are taking a different...

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Leader or Follower? A Bogus Choice

  The weekend following my solo outing, my husband and I went out again. He’s a more experienced cyclist than I am and is also much better at navigating our route, so pretty quickly I fall back and he rides out front. Considering our goal...

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Acknowledging Accomplishment

My learning adventure beget by a solo cycling excursion was winding down.   I had planned and prepared well for my ride barring the weather faux pas. Getting caught in the downpour had given me the opportunity to practice awareness and...

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How to Ride Out a Storm

The phrase, ‘ride it out’ can be interpreted in different ways. Here are two:      Hunker down until it passes – just get through it. Experience it; be ‘with’ it. Like riding a wave through to the end. Almost daily we are given a chance to...

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Spirituality in the Workplace?

Yesterday I attended a daylong retreat with successful, mid-market business leaders from across the country.  We were all gathered to listen to the wisdom of Adyashanti, a renowned spiritual teacher.  Yes - business leaders flew from all corners of the...

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