We have constant demands on our attention, energy and time.  If we don’t have strategies for staying focused on what is most important we will almost certainly lose the battle and succumb to distractions that leave us feeling depleted and frustrated. 

My friend and colleague, Dr. Chris Johnson has literally written a book on how to stay present.  And me?  I created a worksheet with strategies to help you get and stay focused.

Here are a few highlights from our conversation:

  • To guide your energy, attention and time ask, Who is the person I want to be?  What is the impact I want to make?  
  • Pausing allows us to determine where our attention is, or is not
  • Multi-tasking is not actually possible for our human brains
  • We discuss a few simple (but not easy!) tactics and meta practices for navigating these demands
  • Ask yourself, ‘Do I feel renewed?  Do I feel regenerated?’ after time on Social Media
  • We get distracted by what is easy rather than focus on what is important
  • The importance of a ‘positive no’
  • We stay reactive and busy as a way to avoid being alone with our thoughts
  • Admit it:  the list is too long and you won’t get it all done (Burkeman’s 4,000 weeks)
  • There are common places where we leak energy:  other’s expectations, over committing, worrying

I’ve created a worksheet to help you navigate the demands on your energy, attention and time.  I use it with all of my clients and you can find it here https://bit.ly/3EiEKz5

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