Jennifer Bartkowski, CEO of Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas, and Cris Lopez, Senior Vice President at Village MD join me today and we talk about the various and important perspectives to consider when providing development to current and future leaders in your organization.  

Cris sits on the Board for the Girl Sounds of Northeast Texas and played a key role in advising Jennifer on selecting participants for the program.

I love this episode.  Here are the important topics we discuss:

  • Tying leader development to the mission and vision of the organization
  • The important questions to ask individuals when doing succession and development planning.  Is there a will to lead?
  • The role the Board of Directors can and should play in shaping the future of any organization, whether it’s non-profit or a corporate board
  • Developing people will change your culture!
  • The importance of the executive team’s commitment to their own development 
  • Recognize the current reality of how your organization operates today and how that will enable and pose challenges to the new behaviors  you wanting to see exhibited
  • There will be surprises in how and where people apply their new learning – and where it doesn’t get applied!
  • Leader development sits in the context of a larger commitment of the organization.

If you’re leading an organization, advising an organization, or consulting with an organization committed to evolving to meet the needs of all stakeholder, you find yourself listening to this episode over and over!

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