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Conversations with exemplary leaders investing their passion and talents across all domains of life and work. They work with an entrepreneurial spirit characterized by resourcefulness, energy and a commitment to leading financially successful, sustainable organizations that make a positive contribution to society.
Hosted by LeeAnn Mallory.

“Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms – to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.” – Viktor Frankl Unlocking our freedom from within When we think of independence, we often think of it as an external event, like Juneteenth […]
“When we’re blending, we felt in lockstep, we were in flow. Perhaps we even felt like the conversation was a nice dance. We felt open, connected with, ‘gotten’…When we are able to blend, we have stronger relationships that are based on deeper trust.”   ‘Blend’ to build stronger relationships In a society that seems to […]
“Our embodiment is our extraordinary ability to put complex actions and interactions on autopilot. So that what comes next, or how to respond, becomes second nature… I’m talking about the body as a reflection of the person who lives within it.” -Amanda Blake, Your Body is Your Brain Embodiment, Learning and Leadership Amanda Blake is […]
“When we connect to our own energy and life force, we’re actually connecting to the big energy out there in the world…And this is the venue, the entry point into connecting with all the rest of life around us.” – Mark Mooney Connect with your body, connect with the world According to Mark Mooney, the […]
“If we insist on being buttoned up, polished professionals, that gets us a certain distance in our business lives. But showing up as a human being and being willing to relate to our clients and our colleagues as human beings, not just as professionals, gets us 10 times further.” – Andrea Howe Strong connections build trust […]
“The goal of most sales books and training programs is to get more sales. The goal of trust-based selling is to help the customer…The paradox is that if you abandon attachment to the sale as the goal and instead do the sale as a fortunate byproduct, you’ll actually do better.” – Charles H. Green The […]
“Think of virtual distance as an unconscious sense of social and emotional detachment that starts to grow. As we use more and more computer-mediated communications, it shows up as changes in our behavior because we don’t feel as close to people, but we may not realize that it’s happening to us.” – Dr. Karen Lojeski […]
“We have virtual real estate that makes you look and feel and act and behave as if you were in a real office. So it’s not virtual reality, it’s reality…the way my brain reacts and creates by changing the environment I’m in…my persona changes [while being] connected to colleagues around the world.” – Toni Portmann […]
“What values can do both for individuals and organizations is provide a sense of stability, a sense of continuity, and to provide something to cling to that is timeless and changeless in a world where everything seems to be changing.” – Jerry Magar   It’s the beginning of a new year, and you’re likely setting […]
Can your voice be heard?  Is your value being recognized? Dr. Chris Johnson has joined me again in this episode to discuss a foundational leadership capability:  the ability to speak up about the value we personally bring to our work.  Our conviction is contagious and compelling, inspiring others to trust and believe in us as […]
Are you completing a task or working towards a bigger vision?  If you have a Cathedral Story, your work, your goals – your life will have more meaning. As the co-founder of Intrizen, Jonathan Haberkorn specializes in making sense of complex processes and organizing them in a way that emphasizes human interactions first.  By prioritizing the […]
Shop local is a mantra we’re hearing – and hopefully practicing – more often these days. Did you know we can also invest local? Michael H. Shuman is an expert in local economies. He’s a lawyer, economist, entrepreneur, author and activist when it comes to local. We cover the positive social and economic impact of local […]
Our attention is in demand. It’s up to us to know how to keep it focused on what matters most so that we spend more time enjoying what’s in front of us: other humans, nature, pets, art, etc. Managing our attention also provides a pathway for bringing our unique gifts to the world. Join me and Seth Braun […]
I called in a lifeline for this one. I wanted to talk about the importance of a supportive ecosystem when engaging in leadership coaching and didn’t like what I was producing on my own.  So when my esteemed colleague, Jerry Magar, offered to interview me, I gladly accepted. And he delivered!   “The pressure and expectation of […]
Sofiya Deva didn’t waver from her commitment to launch a new business, This Same Sky, even in the face of a pandemic. She was unwilling to turn away from any of her ‘loves’ – of beauty, for supporting multi-generational artisans, ethical and sustainable fashion and her self-described geeky love of strategy and business. I believe Jim Collins […]
Jay Gordon Cone Ph.D. has decades under his belt working with leadership teams to build successful strategies and navigate challenging times. These days he is also focusing his considerable intellectual horsepower and passion on creating a “vaccine against mind traps and closed-mindedness”. Jay believes if we can boost our immunity to chaos, we can respond […]
Dr. Chris Johnson’s background combines psychology, Aikido (she’s a 3rd degree Black Belt!) and mindfulness training. The result is a powerful and pragmatic approach for moving wisdom into action. We talk about Embodied Leadership and the importance of creating a Leadership Pause habit.   “Embodied leadership has an edge over anything conventional, because it allows us to […]
Renee Moorefield and Jane Cocking share important findings from research they conducted on the relationships between leadership, ethnicity, and thriving. Based on data from 900+ leaders in the BWLW database, Black and Hispanic leaders who completed surveys about their well-being scored significantly higher than leaders who identify as white or Asian. To gain a better […]
This episode is being re-published because the content feels incredibly relevant given our political and social environment. In the late-1990s Jennifer Touchet and a group of committed citizens took a clear and unified stand against a powerful and complex system and won! They used positive political strategies based on a win-win-win approach and intentional inclusivity.   “In […]
Organizations committed to sustainable change bake it into their business model. There are a host of labels and designations for those that “do good”: conscious capitalism, social impact, social entrepreneurship, B Corp, etc. In this episode, we explore the differences and how they function. Suzanne Smith, founder & CEO of Social Impact Architects and adjunct professor […]

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