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Conversations with exemplary leaders investing their passion and talents across all domains of life and work. They work with an entrepreneurial spirit characterized by resourcefulness, energy and a commitment to leading financially successful, sustainable organizations that make a positive contribution to society.
Hosted by LeeAnn Mallory.

There are times in our professional lives where we need to advocate for ourselves. – to take a stand. Recognizing our worth and being able to communicate it isn’t rude, nor is it bragging. But it can be uncomfortable. Owning our value supports our authenticity, which liberates our spirit and launches excellent performance.    “When we’re able […]
Hillary and Joel Patterson transformed a business opportunity into a passion project. After designing ERP solutions for clients in the electronic waste recycling industry, they jumped into the fascinating world of recycling, repair and redistribution of the electronics we regularly toss in our trash. They became SO passionate that they privately funded and produced a documentary, […]
Trudy Bourgeois came to the work of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) reluctantly. She wanted ‘nothing to do with’ previous ineffective efforts to improve DEI in organizations. Yet the work kept calling her. As a former executive in a Fortune 500 consumer products company she brings pragmatism and passion. And results.   When you see something that is […]
Poetry can be a powerful developmental tool to help high-achieving personalities transcend the linear and analytical world of business in order to integrate a world of beauty and whole-system thinking. Rick Voirin has incorporated poetry in his coaching and leadership for years and has seen firsthand the profound impact that it can have in professional growth […]
High Trust environments invite people to focus their precious energy and passion on creating and delivering value rather than on managing politics, their reputation and their image. In this mini-episode, I walk through The Trust Equation, a model that illustrates distinct, yet nuanced elements of trustworthiness.   If you want a high-trust workplace, be trustworthy!   The […]
These types of conversations are High Fidelity because they provide strength and resonance for the people who engage in them. They’re designed to support the Core Ideology of the organization and especially support the people experiencing the change. LeeAnn describes nine elements important for launching these conversations.   “Waiting until you have created the perfect, most […]
Publishing Concepts (PCI) didn’t wait for the perfect long-term solution to address concerns about race. Drew Clancy, President, and Lori Bishop, CPO, saw people hurting and they responded. They thoughtfully organized Meaningful Conversations as a way to talk about race. This is their first step for improving long term trust and for healing throughout the entire workplace. […]
As an applied positive psychology and sport and performance psychology practitioner, Gloria Park, PhD is uniquely qualified to speak about how we continue to learn, grow, evolve, and even thrive in the face of challenge. And we are certainly being challenged in 2020! Gloria shares transformative skills and strategies during the interview.     “I’m often […]
David has followed up his wildly popular and super sticky book, The Power of TED: The Empowerment Dynamic with 3 Vital Questions: Transforming Workplace Drama. When we answer these questions and re-orient our perspective, we become more resilient and more likely to create the results we desire.   “All leadership really starts with self-leadership and the way that we lead […]
Bob Anderson has dedicated his career to exploring the intersections between leadership and personal mastery, and between competence and consciousness. Over the past 35 years, he has helped leaders gain deep, personal insight into their creative competencies that promote effective leadership, and their reactive tendencies that limit it. He is the creator of The Leadership […]
Conscious capitalism is a term, a movement and the name of the non-profit organization, Conscious Capitalism, Inc. (CCI), whose role it is to be the foundation of the movement. CCI brings business leaders together to share best practices for implementing the ideals of conscious capitalism. “By delivering a genuine, no-baloney product for our guests and environment […]
Bonnie Pitman shares how Doing Something New inspires us to make each day extraordinary. Her Power of Observation Framework instructs us on the critical steps for moving from the first glance to making new meaning of our observations. She is both delightful and incredibly grounded in her approach to appreciating the banal and sublime.   Discovery consists of seeing what […]
Drew Clancy, President of Publishing Concepts (PCI), is a self-proclaimed ‘cultural enthusiast’. His commitment to the core elements of culture has resulted in year-over-year growth and consistent recognition as a Best Place to Work. As a third-generation leader, he has brought this near 100–year-old family business solidly into the 21st Century through innovation and servant leadership.    We […]
Lauren Clarke is the founder of Turn Compost, a wildly successful social enterprise focused on reducing food waste and improving how we utilize our urban environment. She shares alarming and exciting statistics about food waste and the blooming food waste industry. She also gives essential advice to anyone with the vision of starting a social […]
Michelle Kinder is well-known in the domains of social-emotional learning, education and family counseling. She is also an authoritative voice in the discourses of leadership, stress, emotional health, trauma and parenting. Her increasing passion about historical and structural inequities has led her to make an important shift in her career, which we explore in depth in our […]
What does wellbeing mean to you? Are you thriving? How would you know? Renee Moorefield is a dear friend, a spectacular creator and a wise woman. She and business- and life- partner, David, have developed a groundbreaking assessment for wellbeing. Be Well Lead Well Pulse® is based on over thirty years of experience in the areas of wellness, change management and […]
Jacqui Bliss and Renee Reed, owners of Anytime Fitness Bishop Arts District share how they’ve built a great culture through relationship-based leadership and continuous learning. We also talk about how they stay relevant in a changing industry and their experience in growing the business even as their own relationship was tested.   Culture eats strategy for […]
Christian’s success in residential development is built on lessons he learned while training as a professional golfer. From mentors like Hank Haney and ‘Psycho Dave’ Esterbrook, he learned how to set and achieve goals, practice with intention and how to work hard. His professional golf plans were shattered due to a back injury when he was 28 years old. In this interview, […]
Dallas City Council Member Chad West shares his vision, the importance of accessibility, community engagement and creating a sense of place.   Citizenship is a chance to make a difference in the place where you belong.  Charles Handy   First a look behind the curtain. I had the chance to see Chad West in action when […]
David shares his thoughts on meaningful work, spotting talent and the complex topic of gentrification. He riffs on developing real estate by reinvigorating beautiful old buildings and how a community developed an independent spirit.   Good work, done well for the right reasons and with an end in mind, has always been a sign, in […]