When I ask experts in the leadership field what the most important attribute for effective leadership today is, I get some version of adaptability or agility.  In other words, what is most important is that we’re able to read a context and shift our approach to meet circumstances and challenges with new thinking and behaviors.

My guest today, Pam Boney, is so passionate about this that she created an assessment that displays our strengths and helps us know how and where we may need to shift to increase our effectiveness and feeling of fulfillment in life.  The assessment is Tilt 365, and Pam is the company’s founder.  

We used this assessment in the leadership program that this podcast series is centered around.  The program began with each leader studying themselves because self-awareness is foundational for our ability to manage our emotions and thus take effective, sustainable action.  It’s also vital to our ability to coordinate well with others. So we take the Tilt assessment at the beginning.

Because of the developmental nature of this assessment, each leader was able to define areas where they wanted to grow and then identify practices to help them get there.  

Rather than using labels, Tilt 365 is clear about our ability to shift, or Tilt, to meet new situations and work best with others.  

We take a walk around the Tilt model discussing:

  • The four quadrants of the model:  Spirit/Resilience and Head/Wisdom on the vertical axis and Heart/Humanity and Gut/Courage on the horizontal axis.
  • Aristotle’s Golden Mean:  all ‘virtues’ lie in the middle way between two extreme states: excess and deficiency. This has been popularized as ‘any strength overused becomes a weakness’.
  • Oftentimes our fear causes us to move into the extreme states.
  • The four profiles that each combine two of the quadrants:
  • Impact/Change Catalyst combines the quadrants Spirit/Resilience and Gut/Courage
  • Structure/MasterMind combines the quadrants Head/Wisdom and Gut/Courage
  • Clarity/Quiet Genius combines the quadrants Head/Wisdom and Heart/Humanity
  • Connection/Cross Pollinator combines the quadrants Spirit/Resilience and Heart/Humanity
  • The model goes deeper and deeper into personas which give further nuance to why a Tilt style will be animated differently by different people
  • Pam and her team have created offers for individuals and teams and ways to explore more fully how to better understand our strengths and how to develop towards agility.

I really encourage you to explore the Tilt 365 website and all the offers.  If you’re interested in taking the assessment, please contact me!

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