This series began with a conversation with my client, Jennifer Bartkowski, and we’re concluding the same way.

Jennifer is the ‘very proud’ CEO of Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas.  In Fall of 2022 we launched a multi-month, cohort- and practice-based leadership program:  Reimagine Girl Scouts Leadership Academy.  We’ve tracked the journey and interviewed subject matter experts in key  content areas that we covered.

Today we talk about the final results of the program and a few lessons learned. 

Here are a few highlights:

  • The general structure of the program, including primary topic areas
  • We share actual survey results in key areas as well as observations and impact they have seen on the team and organization as a whole. 
  • There were plenty of unplanned and unexpected positive results for the organization and individual participants during the program, and after.
  • Jennifer provides her insights on how she’s seen her staff transform and what’s been happening on the inside since the program’s inception.
  • We name some key structures we had in place that contributed to the smooth running of the program
  • The importance of a mutually respectful relationship between client and consultant
  • The impetus of the program was to develop the skills and attributes needed to accomplish the GSNETX mission and that seems to be happening!
  • We’re launching another program with a few adjustments based on what we learned

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