“What values can do both for individuals and organizations is provide a sense of stability, a sense of continuity, and to provide something to cling to that is timeless and changeless in a world where everything seems to be changing.” – Jerry Magar


It’s the beginning of a new year, and you’re likely setting goals and taking inventory in many areas of your life. As you navigate a new year full of new potentially challenging decisions, your values can act as your compass, providing a north star.


There are many benefits to animating your values in daily life. Keeping them top of mind helps align your actions with your values. This sense of living authentically results in an inner peace – and walking your talk will resonate with others. In other words, your consistency and authenticity breeds trust with others.


Jerry shares exercises that help others identify their values as well as how to live them through actions each day.


To Your Own Values Be True

[13:03] “About the typical approach that’s used … what happens sometimes with circling [from a list of values] is that we end up circling things that look alluring or look like we should circle them. And then we end up lugging this value around, ultimately judging ourselves for not living up to it or not activating in a way that we thought was appropriate.”


Rather than choosing values from a list, reveal them from your own lived experiences.


Look Through the Lens of Your Values

[24:53] “I still use this practice. On a weekly basis, I sit down, and I look at the week ahead. And I think about, not just the intellectual organization of what’s going on, but I look at it through the lens of my values. And I asked the question, how, how are you going to activate these values next week?”


Pledge to find opportunities to incorporate your values in your life and work. Let them guide you day-to-day.


Use Your Values as Fuel

[39:52] “It goes back to that idea of a value only matters if it is turned into action at T minus zero, the moment of impact, right? That if that doesn’t turn into behavior, or turn into a decision or turn into action, it’s meaningless…I see people speak to their faith. I am in no way suggesting that that shouldn’t be a value. The problem is when we leave it at faith. Well, what does that really mean? And what does that look like when you’re applying that value?”


Values have the potential to shape our actions and create meaningful impact.


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