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Conversations with exemplary leaders investing their passion and talents across all domains of life and work. They work with an entrepreneurial spirit characterized by resourcefulness, energy and a commitment to leading financially successful, sustainable organizations that make a positive contribution to society.
Hosted by LeeAnn Mallory.

“I bet half of our anxiety is the energy of trying to remember which hat to put on in my relationship with [others]…And people end up becoming a less real version of themselves. …Why can’t we be fully present to this process, and not have to put anything on the side – not try to […]
“Business is the social institution that that makes the world go ‘round. At one point in time, it was government and monarchies, and another point in time, it was religion. Now, it’s businesses. So if we want to change the world, we have to change business.” – Nathan Havey 3D Business: A force for positive […]
Do you ever feel overwhelmed and even stuck by situations that feel complex, uncertain and ambiguous? I certainly do. My guest today, Jay Cone, tells us that there’s a surprising power in not knowing what to do. He believes that if we can boost our immunity to feeling the chaos, we can respond with creativity […]
“If we focus on goals alone, without being tethered into this beingness, [it] can activate and trigger us, and we see those goals as our persecutor…‘Was the goal big enough? Did I do it fast enough?’ So the goal-setting can actually become a persecutor. And in our own mind, we feel victim to that.” – […]
 “Imagine if we could all show up in more, if not all, places in life fully ourselves – that we could fully open ourselves to learning, making mistakes, taking feedback, taking risks, and be being fully seen for our humanity and our potential without the fear of embarrassment or retribution.” Move from socially defined to […]
“Can you discern between resistance and fear and strategic changes in direction? …not giving up and changing direction because something is hard or scary, yet being willing to change your mind even when something you really wanted to pursue is no longer a good investment of your precious resources?” Reflect, refresh, and recalibrate The change […]
“[In contrast to] the ‘either/or’, ‘right/wrong’ mindset where there’s nothing in between – paradoxical thinking would say, ‘What if it’s both? What if there’s value in understanding the first path, and value in equally understanding the other path, and even the third?’ … It’s about being able to hold that tension between paths.” – Renee […]
“Respect yourself, respect others – respect the people you’re working with. When you have those two ingredients, that will drive authentic communication among you and will be a part of your everyday working environment.” – Treg Manning Wholehearted Leadership When Treg reached out to me for leadership coaching, he was facing what he referred to […]
“Is our life an illustration of the ideals that we hold dear? Are we a living example of our personal philosophies for how to live meaningfully?” Letting your life speak As Maya Angelou famously said, “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made […]
“What if life was a place full of possibilities for us to get better at the things that we care about? Instead of a place where we need to prove that we’re great and perfect?” – Fran Cherny If we expect ourselves to master new skills easily and in short time, we’re setting ourselves up […]
“When we focus on outcomes and take creative steps to go after that, we solve problems in service to those. It’s not that the Outcome Orientation is all goodness and light and problem free, but that we can tackle the problems that stand in the way of we really want and really care about.” – […]
“’Do Something New’ is about having the courage to take a moment and celebrate it. And finding a way … to move beyond simply seeing and looking to deep observation, or deep listening. It’s about going further than I normally would.” – Bonnie Pitman The power of observation: Transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary We get […]
“Don’t tell me what you value; show me your budget, and I’ll tell you what you value.” –Joe Biden Put your values into action A lot of energy goes into defining an organization’s Vision, Mission and Values. It’s an exciting time and an inspiring exercise. Usually, steps are taken to put this Core Ideology into […]
“This book is a love letter to any fellow humans who have felt like they were the underdogs for deeply caring about people and their wellbeing at work.” – MaryBeth Hyland, Permission to Be Human: A Conscious Leader’s Guide to Creating a Values-Driven Culture Wellbeing at work Just as we go to a doctor if […]
We will all grapple with trauma in some form. If you haven’t experienced it yet personally, then as a leader, mentor, friend, or loved one, you’ll be with someone who has. Drawing from my own recent experience, I want to share what I’ve learned from an event that rattled my nervous system. We’ll all get […]
“We want to inspire a change in the social currency to be not one of status or prestige, but one around what it is that we’re doing for others…we think a lot can happen from making small everyday changes or actions.” – Cory Ames, CEO of Grow Ensemble Using Business as a Force for Good […]
“There’s 10.1 million positions open [in the post-COVID workforce], there is this great resignation, a great reconsideration: What am I doing? Do I feel attached to my company? Do I feel like I have purpose?” – Mike Sullivan, CEO of the LOOMIS Agency The 7 Elements of Great Culture The pandemic changed the landscape of […]
“Ultimately, I decided I just wanted to create the kind of place that people want to work on Monday morning – they want to come, there’s no Sunday night dread. And again, it doesn’t mean that it’s perfect. But what it does mean is that we’re focused on the right things.” – Mike Sullivan, CEO […]
  He says look forward to getting old. He says keep changing,  you just get more who you really are. – Roger S. Keyes, Hokusai Says   Podcast art: The Great Wave off Kanagawa by Katsushika Hokusai The Art is the First Iteration. We take it from there. The poet reminds us that art is a […]
“Look at sales in a very simple definition – that is delivering value for what someone needs. If you look at sales in that light, that’s a very noble profession. It starts with helping make sure that companies have the right people in their organization and Sales[people] who have the right knowledge, mindset, approach, cultural […]